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How to avoid a MELTDOWN while eating VEGGIES

How to avoid a MELTDOWN while eating VEGGIES

Forget the veggie battles – it’s time to make peace at the dinner table with these genius tricks and get your children to eat more veggies!


Picture this: You’ve lovingly crafted a masterpiece of a meal, complete with a colorful array of veggies that would make even the most seasoned chef jealous. I’m kidding…. You’ve made supper and threw on some veggies on the plate because… well…. Veggies are good for them. But as soon as those green goodies hit the table, it’s like a scene straight out of a vegetable horror movie. Cue the dramatic music and the look away to avoid eye contact with the vegetable that has invaded their plate. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!


How does a child’s vegetable intake affect their mood?

Now, before we dive into the veggie-filled trenches, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the undeniable truth: what we feed our little ones can have a major impact on their mental and emotional well-being. Yep, those veggies aren’t just crunchy, colorful side dishes, they’re the unsung heroes of our children’s health!

Healthy Brain with Veggies

But here’s the kicker: despite knowing this, stats show that a shocking number of children aren’t getting an adequate amount of veggies per day. In Canada, nearly a third of teen girls aren’t getting their daily dose of greens. For our friends south of the border, half of American children do not consume a single vegetable daily. So, what’s a mom to do?

Mom Asking Questions

Enter my veggie-saving tips, hot off the press and ready to rescue your dinner table from veggie-induced chaos! So let’s break it down, shall we?


First things first, we’ve gotta tackle those veggie woes head-on. It’s time to serve up some serious veggie realness, mama! The first burning thought that must be going through your mind is…

“But what if your child refuses to eat?”

Can I keep it real with you mama?

We are the parents for a reason. And, they are the children for a reason. While, I think it’s important for children to have their opinions and feel heard, we still have the final say. Ater a short or lengthy discussion (that’s really up to you), you will tell them what they’re eating. This is a very very big part of this entire process. We have to be able to make these decisions and stick to them. You know when they say, pick your battles. Well, vegetables is a battle that I tend to prioritize vs what shirt they’re wearing that day.


Do I have to cook multiple meals?

Who said veggies have to be boring? Not on my watch! With a little creativity, some seasonings and a dash of fun, we can turn veggie time into a delicious reality that everyone will enjoy. I hope that brings a sense of relief that you DO NOT have to cook multiple meals for everyone in the household. There are many ways to adapt the meal to suit everyone’s preferences.


Will this be expensive to implement?

It also doesn’t have to be expensive. You can purchase canned or frozen vegetables to help reduce the cost. There shouldn’t be a big barrier to providing healthy and nutritious meals for your children. This isn’t like that Charcuterie skit that was created by This Hour has 22 minutes. 


So, without further ado, here are my top six tips to avoid veggie-induced meltdowns like a pro and become a ninja in the kitchen:

  1. Start strong by serving veggies early. When your children are finished with their homeschooling day, prepare a grazing plate with a few baby carrots, slices of peppers, or sugar snap peas. Think of it as snack time veggies to kick off the veggie party before the main event. They’re usually hungry by then which would make them more prone to eating veggies now vs giving them sugary snacks or waiting until their next meal and serving it with other foods.
  2. Pair those veggies with a tried-and-true favorite on their plate. It’s all about the power of persuasion, mama! When your children see the vegetable that they don’t really like mixed with other foods that they don’t like, that doesn’t make it very enticing for them. However, if you give them their favourites with the vegetables, they’ll be more inclined to eat it.
  3. Give your little ones a say in the matter by offering them a choice between two veggies. Children love to have options and they love to feel as if they’ve made the decision… So let’s give them that option in a controlled environment. Choose two veggies that you have available and let them decide. 
  4. Make mealtime an interactive affair by getting your children involved in the prep work. From recipe selection to veggie chopping, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the kitchen! You can also have them make a choice at the grocery store. Ask them to select a new vegetable to try for the week. But be prepared to be asked multiple times when you’re going to cook it afterwards. I warned you!
  5. Don’t forget the dip! A tasty dressing or dip can work wonders in transforming veggies from “meh” to “mmm” in no time. They can be very easy to make and very nutritious. You can also decide to purchase a dip however I suggest reading the ingredients list to make sure that it’s a healthy dip.
  6. Lead by example and be the veggie role model your little ones never knew they needed. Trust me, they’ll be munching on veggies like it’s nobody’s business in no time! All moms know that children love grazing on OUR plates, especially when they’re young. This is a perfect time to have extra veggies for them to “steal” from us. 
  7. BONUS TIP! Sneak some veggies into their meals. Yes, we want our children to be aware of when they’re eating vegetables. We want to always choose to eat veggies…. However…. We know that there are times where we’ll just have to sneak those veggies in. This is why I created a free recipe guide that gives you 5 meals that sneaks veggies in without them even realizing it. 

Sneaky Veggies Pop Up Image

These tips and techniques are going to be very helpful for your children and your household. However, you may have a few thoughts or habits that you need to tackle first. Check out this blog post to avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past and the ones you might be unknowingly making now.


It’s time to make vegetables a fun and enjoyable part of your family’s meals. With a little creativity, these tips, patience and a sprinkle of mommy magic, you can help your children develop a love for vegetables that will last a lifetime. Remember, when it comes to veggies, the only thing we’re serving up is success!


The topics covered in this video are: 

  • What if my child refuses to eat?
  • Do I have to cook multiple meals?
  • Is this going to be expensive?
  • Will this work for my child?
  • 7 Tips on how to incorporate more vegetables for our children
  • So much more


Check out the entire video to discover how to help your children enjoy veggies and develop a habit that will last a lifetime.


Don’t forget to download your free resource.

Sneaky Veggies Pop Up Image


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